Dretzka Park Men's Golf Club - August 2018 Newsletter

2018 Dretzka Officers:


Robert Lehninger         President

Dave Frederick             Tournament Committee

Adam Hadrian             Tournament Committee                      

Kirby Schuller             Secretary 

Jim Franke                  Treasurer

Executive Committee

Peter Topolovich        MCPLA Team Match Captain

Dave Frederick           2-Man Best Ball / Net Club Championship Director

Dan Meyers                MCPLA Delegate

Pete Paczesny              MCPLA Delegate

Robert Lehninger        WSGA Delegate

President’s Report (Robert Lehninger):

Your President is writing this in the Dretzka Clubhouse at the end of our club championship.  Congratulations to:

Championship Flite-    Adam Hadrian

A Flite-                        Kirby Schuller

B Flite-                         Jim Keihl

C Flite-                         Tom Herron

As usual, the course was in magnificent condition.  What a pleasure it is to play a challenging course in this kind of shape.

Check the newsletter for the rest of our year, First and Second Team, Honorary Cup, Ryder Cup and Thursday League.  We will also have a Year End Dinner and Get Together.  Information about the year-end get together will be out shortly.

It gives me great pleasure to mention that the first honoree of our inaugural Honorary Cup will be long time member Dick Clark.  I’ve known Dick since 1971 (he joined in 1968) and we’ve become good friend.  He is a great guy and very deserving of this recognition. 

I hope that most of you can make at least one if not more of our final events this season if for no other reason than to play a great course in great shape.  I will see you next month after my good buddy and I get back from our bucket list trip to Ireland.  Until then keep hitting them straight, like Tom Zellmer (and Dick Clark)

Tournament Committee Report (Dave Frederick & Adam Hadrian):

We had outstanding weather for our 36 hole Club Championship held on August 18th and 19th.  The field also found the course in wonderful shape, the greens running fast and true and occasionally some very challenging pin locations.  All in all a great event.  Congratulations to the winners.

Championship Flite                                          A Flite

1. Adam Hadrian -153                                     1. Kirby Schuller - 166

2. Matt Mattioli  - 154                                       2. Scott Granicki - 168

B Flite                                                              C Flite

1. Jim Keihl - 170                                            1. Tom Herron -150 (net)

2. Dan Meyers – 170 (lost tie break)                2. Rick Karabon - 152(net)

 Upcoming events:

Saturday September 8, 2018                                      Honorary Classic

Stableford Format – A Flight 0-12 Hdcp / B Flight 13 plus Hdcp

Saturday September 15, 2018                        Ryder Cup – 27 holes

27 hole Ryder Cup (9 Scramble, 9 Alternate Shot, 9 Best Ball) Dave Frederick will be the Red Team Captain and Adam Hadrian will be the Blue Captain.

 Side Notes:

*Sign up for all events will be done online using our website http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com

 *Once pairings are set for each event, there are no changes.

Treasurer’s Report (Jim Franke):

 We currently stand at 61 members and counting for the 2018 Season. 

 Secretary Report (Kirby Schuller):

 Please check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dretzka-Park-Mens-Golf-Club/350682861698068

WSGA Report (Robert Lehninger): 

 Bob Lehninger will be Dretzka’s 2018 representative to the Wisconsin State Golf Association. Any updates will be posted here.

 Two Man Best Ball / Net-Club Championship Report –Dave Frederick

Finals for the Two Man Best Ball event are determined

Santiago/Bradley vs. Moran/Granicki 

Please play on or before 9/11/18.

Net Club matches continue.  Brackets have been posted on our website http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com and will be posted on our bulletin board at Dretzka.

 Second Team Report (Pete Topolovich):

 The August 5th Second Team matches were held a Currie GC. 

Top point earners were:

Roger Gipp and Ike Bradley – 22 points

Dave Frederick – 19 points

Upcoming 2018 Second Team Events:

 Saturday September 1, 2018    Greenfield

 Side Note:

*Sign up for all events will be done online using our website. Members can also sign up for team matches by direct email or phone call to a team captain.  http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com

 First Team Report (Dan Gehrke)

 We finished a very respectable 3rd in the August 12 First Team Match at Dretzka.  Top point getters were:

Matt Tiefenbrum – 16 points

Joe Hafermann – 14 points

Adam Hadrian – 11 points

Upcoming 2018 First Team Events

Sept. 23rd        Oakwood

 Thursday Night League (Pete Topolovich):

 Thursday League continues to draw good participation.  The next event will be August 30th, a stroke play event with a shotgun start at 5:30 PM.

Thursday League events cost only $21 which includes 9 holes of golf (walking), 2 beverage vouchers with $6 going to the prize fund.  A cart is only $5.

June 2018 MCPLA Report (Dan Meyers & Pete Paczesny):

 Meetings are held at the Milwaukee County Parks Office, 9480 Watertown Plank Road, Wauwatosa, WI 53226 at 6:30PM and are usually conducted on the first Tuesday of each month. You do not have to be a delegate to attend the meetings. The MCPLA website is


2018 MCPLA Tournaments:
Arnold Walker                      August 25-26                        Dretzka

NIMAGA: John Haeflinger
42nd NIMAGA Saturday, September 23, 2016 at Bristol Oaks GC (Kenosha, WI)
32 player team

New Business:

2 -Man Best Ball tournament at Currie seems to have a lot of interest. 72 players participated. Will be back next year.

We as a club brought up two proposal for the CAP Fund. We wanted to take advantage of the funds available to enhance the golf experience at Dretzka. This isn't just for the club itself but for all that play golf at Dretzka.

1st proposal: Scoreboard Dretzka through the year has 25-30 outings which includes are own club events. Similar to Currie's scoreboard but will be on wheels. $2,500.

2nd proposal: Two Bag Racks. Dretzka has over 23,000 rounds of golf over the year and there is no place to place their bags when they arrive. One by the cart stationed and one in front of the club house. $1,100 for the two.

The proposal was passed with no objections or questions.

Scheduling Meeting for next year's events; It's clear the scheduling of all these events across 7 County courses is not easy. Between MCPLA events, outside events and the individual club events it gets crowed especially crowed on the weekend with the individual club events. There are a few changes.  2nd team matches will going to only 4 instead of the 5 events. This now matches the same number of events for 1st team events. There is some discussion about changing the format for 1sr team. Possibly going a two man similar to the 2 man best ball tournament that just finished up at Currie.

Dretzka Cup (Kirby Schuller)

The Dretzka Cup is a season long competition that is based on the number of events, both club and team events that you participate in, combined with your performance in those events.  One point is awarded for participation in each event, regardless of your performance.  Additional points are awarded based on how you placed in each event.

Through the Club Championship the leaders are:

Dave Frederick                                     36 points

Adam Hadrian                                     34 points

Dan Gehrke and Ike Bradley                32 points

We still have a number of events in which you can earn DC points, two Team Matches, two Thursday League events, and two full field tournaments.  Still plenty of time to unseat our leaders, register through our club website ASAP.