Dretzka Park Men's Golf Club - October 2018 Newsletter: End of the Season

2018 Dretzka Officers:


Robert Lehninger         President

Dave Frederick             Tournament Committee

Adam Hadrian             Tournament Committee                      

Kirby Schuller             Secretary 

Jim Franke                  Treasurer

Executive Committee

Peter Topolovich        MCPLA Team Match Captain

Dave Frederick           2-Man Best Ball / Net Club Championship Director

Dan Meyers                MCPLA Delegate

Pete Paczesny              MCPLA Delegate

Robert Lehninger        WSGA Delegate

President’s Report (Robert Lehninger):

There is a young golf pro named Scott

His swing makes him hit every shot

Other swings make him quiver

Since most don't deliver

When he watches those swings he gets hot 

( My apologies to Ogden Nash and many others)

So ends another season at the "Big D".  Congragulations to all of the winners, but also a big thank you for all who participated in our event and 1st and 2nd team.  Dave "I love Dretzka's shower room" Frederick ended up being the Dretzka Cup winner, once again proving that gamesmanship can be a wonderful thing.  Actually, thanks to Dave and a few others for entering virtually all of the events (and Thurs. night).

Our end of the year reception at the clubhouse was a good start for what I hope will be an annual event. Thanks to Pete and his son Mike for supplying the food.  The only negative for this the first year was the lack of participation (Brewers game conflict?).  I think this should be a great way to end the year.

Our end of the year official membership was 61, approximately double from 5 years ago.  Again, a BIG thank you to Scott, Mike, and Chris for all that they do to improve the whole Dretzka experience.  Let's see if for next year we can possibly get to 70-75 members.  (As a quick side note, the greens at the"D" have for the most part been pretty good, but this year was maybe the best).

Next year's club, 1st, and 2nd team schedules are listed below.  Dan Meyers told me that he will be stepping down as our MPCLA delegate.  Pete P. remains, and we should have 2, so let us know if one of you would be interested in taking Dan's place.  Thanks, Dan, for being our rep. for years.

The officers are going to meet later this fall, and in Feb., so if you have anything that you want to give to us, please do so.  In the meantime, have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving, and have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

El Pres  Bob L

Tournament Committee Report (Dave Frederick & Adam Hadrian):

2019 Dretzka Events

Get these events in your calendars NOW!

Saturday May 4th                     Gallet Day         

Saturday June 1st                     Taufner Day

Saturday June 29th                   Flag Day

Sunday July 21st                      Schroeder Day

August 10th and 11th              Club Championship

Sunday Sept. 1st                       Ryder Cup

Saturday Sept. 14th                  Honorary Classic

Side Notes:

*Sign up for all events will be done online using our website http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com

*Once pairings are set for each event, there are no changes.

Treasurer’s Report (Jim Franke):

We currently stand at 61 members and counting for the 2018 Season. 

Secretary Report (Kirby Schuller):

Please check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dretzka-Park-Mens-Golf-Club/350682861698068

WSGA Report (Robert Lehninger): 

Bob Lehninger will be Dretzka’s 2019 representative to the Wisconsin State Golf Association. Any updates will be posted here.

Second Team Report (Pete Topolovich):

Dates for the Second Team Matches for 2019 are now set.  Please get these dates in your calendars now.  There is one less match beginning in 2019.

May 5th – Brown Deer

June 8th – Dretzka

June 22nd – Currie

August 31st – Greenfield

Side Note:

*Sign up for all events will be done online using our website. Members can also sign up for team matches by direct email or phone call to a team captain.  http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com

First Team Report (Dan Gehrke)

2019 First Team Events

May 11th – Greenfield

June 15th – Oakwood

July 7th – Dretzka

September 22 – Whitnall

Thursday Night League (Pete Topolovich):

At our season ending get together at the Dretzka Clubhouse, Bryce Wendtlandt was crowned winner of the season long Thursday League competion.  Congratulations Bryce!

Thursday League grew substantially in participants this season.  Consider adding some Thursday League events in your schedule for 2019.

June 2018 MCPLA Report (Dan Meyers & PetePaczesny):

Meetings are held at the Milwaukee County Parks Office, 9480 Watertown Plank Road, Wauwatosa, WI 53226 at 6:30PM and are usually conducted on the first Tuesday of each month. You do not have to be a delegate to attend the meetings. The MCPLA website is


Dretzka Cup (Kirby Schuller)

The Dretzka Cup is a season long competition that is based on the number of events, both club and team events that you participate in, combined with your performance in those events.  One point is awarded for participation in each event, regardless of your performance.  Additional points are awarded based on how you placed in each event.

Dretzka Cup competition was as close as it has ever been.  Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to see how the Honorary Classic would have affected the results, with that events second rain-out.  Once all the points were tallied the final results were:

Dave Frederick                                    54 points

Ike Bradley                                          51 points

Dan Gehrke                                        50 points

Congratulations Dave!