Dretzka Park Golf Club - June 2019

2019 Dretzka Officers:


Robert Lehninger         President

Adam Hadrian             Vice President/Tournament Director               

Kirby Schuller             Secretary 

Jim Franke                  Treasurer

Executive Committee

Peter Topolovich         MCPLA Second Team Captain/New Member Director

Dan Gehrke                 MCPLA First Team Captain

Adam Hadrian             2-Man Best Ball / Net Club Championship Director

Dan Meyers                MCPLA Delegate

Pete Paczesny              MCPLA Delegate

Robert Lehninger        WSGA Delegate

President’s Report (Robert Lehninger):

I am assuming that a few of you have been to Pebble Beach (of course you know what can happen when you assume). My wife Nancy and I were there for the U S Open 2 weeks ago and all I can say is "Wow, what a place and what a setting". If we do it again we decided we would go for the practice rounds. Why? Much less crowded. tickets are way cheaper, and you will see a lot more golf. Flying home Sat. afternoon we watched 4-5 hours of the telecast on Nancy's I-pad, and when it was over we looked at each other and I said " If we had been there today how much would we have seen, compared to what we saw on tv?" The Tues and Wed practice rounds were great, the Fri. second round not so much.

If you want to play Pebble it is $550, and to stay at the Lodge it starts at a little over $900/night. "Jason, get us a deal, please!"

In the last 2 second team matches the "D" took 2 thirds, with the match at the "D" resulting in just over 200 points, which I think might be a record for the second team. Pete T. would probably know. And, the first team took third in the last match. What's nice is, we seldom talk about last place anymore. Having a larger membership (66 at last count) certainly helps.

As of this morning (Mon) there are 27 of us signed up for Flag Day. It would be very very nice if we could get to at least 40 or more. If you can play, please sign up on the website ASAP, to really help Scott get it ready.

There will be a short meeting after Sat's round, while we await the results. Hope to see you Sat.

Tournament Report (Adam Hadrian):

Our cold and rainy spring claimed another victim, our Member/Guest Taufner Day event.  Rescheduled to August 18th,  we hope your guests will still be able to make it.

Upcoming events:

Saturday June 29, 2019                                 Flag Day

Same format as last year – Mix of White and Blue Tees

Sunday July 21, 2019                         Schroeder Day

Stroke Play/Blind Partners – Net Score – White Tees

Sat/Sun August 10/11, 2019               Club Championship – 36 holes

Stroke Play

Championship             Black Tees

A Flight                        Blue Tees

B Flight                        White Tees

C Flight                        White Tees

Sunday September 1, 2019                 Honorary Classic

Stableford Format – A Flight 0-12 Hdcp / B Flight 13 – plus

Saturday September 14, 2019                                                Ryder Cup – 27 holes

27 hole Ryder Cup (9 Scramble, 9 Alternate Shot, 9 Best Ball)

Off Site Event                                     Course & Date TBD.

Side Notes:

*Sign up for all events will be done online using our website http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com

*Once pairings are set for each event, there are no changes.

Treasurer’s Report (Jim Franke):

We currently stand at 66 members and counting for the 2019 Season.  Welcome to all the new members for 2019!

Secretary Report (Kirby Schuller):

Please check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dretzka-Park-Mens-Golf-Club/350682861698068

WSGA Report (Robert Lehninger): 

Bob Lehninger will be Dretzka’s 2019 representative to the Wisconsin State Golf Association. Any updates will be posted here.

Two Man Best Ball / Net-Club Championship Report –Adam Hadrian

The fields have been set for both the Best Ball and the Net Club Championship.  The brackets have been posted on our website http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com   The first matches must be concluded by June 9th.  Don’t wait for your competitor to contact you, reach out to them ASAP to schedule your first matches.  We have included the updated membership roster with this newsletter so get those matches scheduled NOW!  Matches can be played at any course the competitors agree to, do not need to be played at Dretzka.

Second Team Report (Pete Topolovich):

Beautiful weather greeted our squad for the June 22nd Second Team match at Currie.   We had an outstanding performance from our club members, finishing THIRD on the day behind Currie and Greenfield.  Congratulations Men!!  Top point getters were:

Dave Frederick  –    22 points

Roger Gipp  –           21 points

Dustin Holzhauer  – 19 points

Upcoming 2019 Second Team Events:

August 31st – Greenfield

Side Note:

*Sign up for all events will be done online using our website. Members can also sign up for team matches by direct email or phone call to a team captain.  http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com

First Team Report (Dan Gehrke)

Cool, rainy and misty conditions greeted the First Team participants at Whitnall on June 15th.  The mist started to relent about halfway through the event.  Our squad finished in a tie for third with Oakwood. 

Upcoming 2019 First Team events

July 7th – Dretzka                    2 man best ball

September 22 – Oakwood       Ryder Cup format

Thursday Night League (Pete Topolovich):

We have had great participation in our last two Thursday League events, with a total of 22 players each Thursday.  These are fun events!  Sign up using http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com

Drive, Chip and Putt Challenge: Scott Walecki     

This will be a skills competition that will be held as several times this season as part of our Thursday League.

June 2019 MCPLA Report (Pete Paczesny):

Meetings are held at the Currie Park Clubhouse at 6:30PM and are usually conducted on the first Tuesday of each month. You do not have to be a delegate to attend the meetings. The MCPLA website is http://www.mcplawi.com

2019 MCPLA Events

 Two Man Best Ball:                             July 20 @ Currie GC  
Arnold B. Walker Championship:        August 24-25 @ Brown Deer GC

Entry forms can be downloaded from the MCPLA website at the address above.

New Business

Treasurers report was given by Ken Lauffer, Treasurer. Checkbook is balanced through May 31, with a balance of $16,787.06 with $9,419.84 in operating account and $7,367.82 in the CAP fund. Allocated CAP fund money is $5,100 for Brown Deer bag stands and a score board at Dretzka. The treasurers report was accepted. Clubs need to be more timely on paying their team fees.

First Team: Tim Nielson provided some feedback regarding the first team event as neither of the two directors were in attendance. He indicated that he had the feeling that people enjoyed the new format.

Sign up for the two man bestball championship is available on the website. Sign up is open until July 10 and currently is rather slow.

Dretzka Cup (Kirby Schuller)

The Dretzka Cup is a season long competition that is based on the number of events, both club and team events that you participate in, combined with your performance in those events.  One point is awarded for participation in each event, regardless of your performance.  Additional points are awarded based on how you placed in each event.

Through the June 22nd Second Team match the standings are:

Joe Hafermann – 21 points

Ike Bradley – 20 points

Jim Franke and Adam Hadrian – 18 points

Participation in the Team Matches as well as playing in the Thursday League are definitely helping the two leaders.  Get in those Team Matches!