Dretzka Park Men's Golf Club Newsletter

May 2017

Please use out website http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com to sign up for the 2 Man Best Ball Championship and the Net Club Championship as well as ALL OTHER club events.

 President’s Report (Robert Lehninger):

Bob Rogowski was out playing a round of golf with a priest at Dretzka last year when they got to the 13th hole.  Bob hit a 9 iron.  The priest then told Bob he was going to pray and then hit a soft 7.  When the priest's ball ended up short of the green, he said to Bob "I was sure I hit the ball on the green".  Bob replied "Father, in my family, when we pray, we keep our heads down."

We are now into our club season.  Thanks to all who participated in Gallett Day.  I had a couple of members ask me why it's called Gallett Day.  Francis Gallett was the long time pro at Bluemound CC, and from what I was told many years ago he was helping members at Currie Men’s Club.  When Dretzka opened in the '60s many of the Curry members went to the big "D" and started "Gallett Day" in honor of the Scottish pro at Bluemound.  We have held it ever since, and I hope we will continue to do so.

Our next club event will be the member-guest next month, the particulars of which are in the newsletter.  It's our inaugural member-guest, but from what I've heard at other clubs it is a very successful event, and I hope we can make it that at the "D".

I'm also hoping that we will soon be getting some warm (hot) weather to dry out the "D" and many other courses.  Some of us played Brown Deer today and I can't remember when it was that bad.  The greens were punched going on 3 weeks ago and were in bad shape, and the course itself was waterlogged.  The Dretzka greens were punched this past Mon. and Tues., and I have the feeling that they will be back in putting shape a lot sooner (thanks M. Stein).  Courses like B. D. and Dretzka just need warm dry weather to get in decent playing condition, and that will eventually (I hope) happen.

Before ending, just a quick mention of 2 men who, in their own ways, were important to Wisconsin golf.  Bob Muren and Bob Brue both passed away in the past month.  Bob Muren was a past president of the WSGA and instrumental in starting the WSGA Foundation, which helps high school golf teams financially.  Bob Brue is better known.  He was the long time pro at Ozaukee CC and a successful competitor on the early Professional Senior Tour, as well a very talented trick shot artist.  Both gave back a lot to the game.

And, here's hoping Erin Hills is a successful host for the first ever U S Open in Wisconsin.  I will be in the merchandise tent doing my volunteering duty, and, no, I can't get you a deal on any merchandise.  Sorry.  Have a great next month on the olde sod.

2017 Dretzka Officers:


Robert Lehninger     President

Scott Walecki         Vice President / Tournament Director

Kirby Schuller            Secretary 

Jim Franke                  Treasurer

Executive Committee

Dave Frederick         1st Team Captain

Peter Topolovich        2nd Team Captain

Scott Walecki             2-Man Best Ball / Net Club Championship Director

Dan Meyers                MCPLA Delegate

Pete Paczesny           MCPLA Delegate

Bob Lehninger           WSGA Delegate

Tournament Directors Report (Scott Walecki):

 On a beautiful, warm Saturday we had 30 members participate in Gallet Day.  The event was a Two Man team Better Ball competition with both a Net and a Gross competition.  Prizes went to the first 3 teams in each division, however no one team could place in both the gross and the net, insuring that 6 teams or 12 members received prizes.  Some truly great scores were posted, the winners in each division were:

Gross Score Division                                       Net Score Division

1. Bob Rogowski/Wayne Haase         70        1. P. Topolovich/D. Wentlandt            63       

2. Hal Nelson/Bob Lehninger              74        2. Dan Meyers/Dan Gehrke                65

3. Adam Hadrian/Tom Herron 77        3. Jim Franke/Dave Robydek               65

 Upcoming events are:

Taughner Day: Saturday June 10

Member-Guest (Big Event) 

Format: Two Man Scramble – Members required to bring guest to create their team

Flights: A and B 

Tees: A Flight (Blue) B Flight (White)

Fee will be $60 per player which includes golf, cart range balls lunch and Bermuda Sands Golf Polo Shirt.  

Flag Day: Saturday July 1

Format: This will remain the same as in the past

Tees: White and Blue Mix. 

Club Championship: Saturday August 5 and Sunday August 6

Format: Stroke Play

Tees:   Championship – Black Tee

            A Flight – Blue Tees

            B Flight – White Tees

            C Flight – White Tees

*Note Championship Flight will tee off first on Sat. then we will reverse on Sunday. 

*We have guide lines in place for handicap regarding Flight however players can move up flight but not down. 

Schroeder Day: Saturday August 26

Format Stroke play/ Blind Partners. (Same as last year)

Tees:  White

Memorial: Saturday September 16

Format: 27 hole Ryder Cup (9 Scramble, 9 Alternate Shot, 9 Best Ball) 

This would be a two team event: Red and Blue. 

Cost $55 includes lunch after the first 18 holes and before the final 9 is played

 New Event: Washington County- Sunday September 10th, 9:00 AM

Cost- $45 walking, $59 w/cart

Format: Stroke Play

Gross and Net Division

Drive, Chip and Putt Challenge: Friday June 6th , 6:00 PM

Cost- $10 includes entry fee, tee gift, food and beverages.

This will be a skills competition for Dretzka Men's Club only.

*For all these events, we will have special prizes/awards for the winners. 

Side Notes:

*Sign up for all events including First team and second team, Net Club Championship and 2 Man Best Ball Championship will be doneonline using our website http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com.

*Dretzka Cup standings will be posted on our website and will be updated as soon as possible after each event. 

*Once pairings are set for each event, there are no changes unless I make the change. 

Treasurer’s Report (Jim Franke):

Current paid membership roster stands at 48, we have added a net of 5 members for this season, please be sure to introduce yourself if you see a new member at one of our upcoming events.

Secretary Report (Kirby Schuller):

Please check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dretzka-Park-Mens-Golf-Club/350682861698068

WSGA Report (Robert Lehninger):

Bob Lehninger will be Dretzka’s 2017 representative to the Wisconsin State Golf Association. Any updates will be posted here.

Two Man Best Ball / Net-Club Championship Report

Participants are still being accepted for these two events.  Please use our website to register if you are interested.  Entry fees are, $10.00 for the Net-Club Tournament and $10.00 per man ($20.00 per team) for the Two-Man Best Ball Tournament. Please make your check out to Dretzka Park Men’s Golf Club. You can mail them to Jim Franke who will also be collecting entries at the kick-off meeting.

First Team Report (Dave Frederick):

We had a full team compete at Dretzka for the inaugural First Team competition of the season.  Every member captured at least one point.  Playing from the Black tees and under preferred lies, Dretzka played tough.  Our team finished fifth on the day.  Top point winners for our team were:

Jim Gehrke                  13

Kirby Schuller              12

Adam Hadrian             11

Remaining First Team schedule is:

June 3 (Saturday) @Oakwood 7:04 

July 15 (Saturday) @Greenfield 7:04 

August 19 (Saturday) @Brown Deer 7:06 

September, Date to be determined @Currie 7:04 

Please sign up using the clubs website: http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com or responding to emails from the Captain looking for players.

Second Team Report (Peter Topolovich):

On a better than average day for playing at Grant in early May we had great participation by the membership.  We finished in 6th position for the day, top point earners for our team were:

Adam Hadrian24

 Joe Hafermann21    

 Pete Topolovich17

 Dave Frederick16

 Bob Osmanski15

Remaining Second Team schedule is:

June 4 @Whitnall 6:00
June 25 @Oakwood 6:00
July 22 @Greenfield 6:00
August 20 @Brown Deer 6:00

 Please sign up using the clubs website: http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com or to emails from the Captain looking for players.

Dretzka Park Men's Club Weekday League (Pete Topolovich)

These Thursday events will take place on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. It’s a 6pm, shotgun start. Milwaukee County Parks gives us a wonderful package deal.

$20 gets you 9 holes (walking), 2 beverage vouchers, and $6 towards the prize fund!

Schedule and additional information is on the club website.

 MCPLA Report (Dan Meyers):

Meetings are held at the Milwaukee County Parks Office, 9480 Watertown Plank Road, Wauwatosa, WI 53226 at 6:30PM and are usually conducted on the first Tuesday of each month. You do not have to be a delegate to attend the meetings. The MCPLA website is http://www.mcplawi.com

Arnold B. Walker Championship:        August 26-27 @ Whitnall

Entry forms can be downloaded from the MCPLA website at the address above.

Dretzka Cup (Kirby Schuller)

 A couple of members are off to a fast start in the 2017 Dretzka Cup competition, the top 3 positions through the May First Team event are:

1. Adam Hadrian         15 points

2. Pete Topolovich      12 points

3. Wayne Haase            8 points

It is still early so be sure to enter as many events as you can, including First and Second Team, to give yourself every chance to score DC points.