Dretzka Park Men's Golf Club - September 2017 Newsletter

President’s Report (Robert Lehninger):

Dave Wentlandt, whose name is all over our final newsletter, once hit a terrible slice off the tee and into a group of chickens, killing one of them.  Despondent (Adam H., that means sad), Dave went to tell the farmer what happened and told him he was willing to replace the departed chicken.  Mulling it over, the farmer said," I suppose that would be ok.  How many eggs a day do you lay?

As I said, Dave is mentioned numerous times, like winning the net club championship by defeating one of the "old pros" at the D, Rick Karabon.  Dave also won the Dretzka Cup in record fashion. 

Congrats to the "Red" team in the final event of the season, the Memorial.  As your captain (and that entailed sooooooo much work) I am extremely proud of the job you did sticking it to, ah, I mean, defeating the "Blue" team.  The Memorial is so named to recognize and honor former D members, and we found out after the round (nobody was named this year) that Bob Sieber's mother passed away the day before, living a very full life to the age of 95.  She therefore is the honoree for 2017.

The 1st and 2nd team schedules for 2018 are listed in the newsletter as well as our own events at Dretzka.  The formats for all of our regular events, as well as a date and location for a possible AWAY tournament will be determined at a later date.  The first men's club meeting for 2018 will again be in the clubhouse sometime in March.

Congrats to the First team for getting out of the cellar in the season-ending standings for the first time in 10 years.  I am not proud to say that I helped the team at Currie not one bit by winning exactly 0 (as in no) points. When your opponents (like Tom Halla with a smooth 68)are hitting it 60+ yards past you, it gets dicey.

Please keep working on getting more golfers thinking about joining the men's club. I had one tell me just yesterday that he is joining next year.  We all know how the D has improved in the last few years. A big thanks is in order to Scott, James, Mike, and all of the help.  I have had more people tell me how they like playing our course.

I would also like to thank Kirby S., Jim F., Dave F., Pete T., Dan M., and Pete P., for their important roles in making the club a success.  You don't have a successful club without people who make the effort to make it so.

Have a great off season, whether up here, down south, or a little of both.

Bob L (el presidente)

2017 Dretzka Officers:

Robert Lehninger     President

Scott Walecki           Vice President / Tournament Director

Kirby Schuller            Secretary 

Jim Franke                  Treasurer

Executive Committee

Dave Frederick           1st Team Captain

Peter Topolovich        2nd Team Captain

Scott Walecki             2-Man Best Ball / Net Club Championship Director

Dan Meyers                MCPLA Delegate

Pete Paczesny           MCPLA Delegate

Bob Lehninger           WSGA Delegate

Tournament Directors Report (Scott Walecki):

24 members gathered on a warm and beautiful day for our seasons final event, The Memorial on September 16th.  This was the first event for the Ryder Cup style format, with 2 man teams competing in a 9 hole scramble, a 9 hole alternate shot and finally a 9 hole individual match play.  The Red Team, led by Bob Lehninger built an impressive 9-3 lead over the first two events.  Following lunch, Adam Hadrian’s Blue Team made a valiant attempt to rally back in the individual Match Play, but ultimately fell short with the Red Team winning 14-10.  There was a pretty unanimous approval by the members that this was a great way to end the season.  Lots of kudo’s to Scott Walecki for putting on a great event.

2018 Dretzka Men’s Club Tournament Dates

Formats will be determined at a later date.

Saturday May 5th                      Gallet Day

Saturday June 9th                    Taughner Day

Sunday July 1st                          Flag Day

Saturday July 28th                   Schroeder Day

August 18th and 19th                Club Championship

Saturday September 16th         Memorial

Side Notes:

*Sign up for all events including First team and second team, Net Club Championship and 2 Man Best Ball Championship will be done online using our website http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com.

*Dretzka Cup standings will be posted on our website and will be updated as soon as possible after each event. 

*Once pairings are set for each event, there are no changes unless I make the change. 

Treasurer’s Report (Jim Franke):

Thank you to everyone for an outstanding 2017 season.  I greatly appreciate all your help and contributions throughout the year.  Special thanks once again to all the sponsors for our Member/Guest outing.  I have some ideas for next year and would like to hear any suggestions you have as we move forward.  Enjoy the fall golf and we look forward to seeing everyone next year

Secretary Report (Kirby Schuller):

Please check out our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dretzka-Park-Mens-Golf-Club/350682861698068 WSGA Report (Robert Lehninger):

Bob Lehninger will be Dretzka’s 2017 representative to the Wisconsin State Golf Association. Any updates will be posted here 

Two Man Best Ball / Net-Club Championship Report

The Net Club Championship has been completed with David Wentlandt defeating Rick Karabon for the championship.  Congratulations David!

On Tuesday September 26th the team of Dan Meyers/Wayne Haase met the team of Bryce Wentlandt/David Wentlandt for the Two Man Best Ball finals.  Meyers/Haase defeated Wentlandt/Wentlandt 3 and 2.  Congratulations Dan and Wayn

First Team Report (Dave Frederick):

We had great, if a bit on the warm side, weather for the final event for First Team.  The September 23rd match was a make up for a rainout earlier in the year.  We fielded a full team and finished in 5th place on the day.  We increased our lead over Brown Deer and so for the first time in over a decade we finished outside of the cellar!  Congratulations and THANK YOU to all First Team participants this season.

Top point earners were:

Frank Showers – 8 points

Ike Bradley – 8 points

Pete Topolovich – 6 point

First Team dates for 2018 are shown below.  Get those dates on your calendars NOW!

May 6, 2018                Oakwood

June 2, 2018                Whitnall

June 30, 2018              Greenfield

July 21, 2018               Currie

August 12, 2018          Dretzka

Please sign up using the club’s website: http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com or responding to emails from the Captain looking for players.

Second Team Report (Peter Topolovich):

Second Team dates for 2018 is shown below.  Get those dates on your calendars NOW!

May 12, 2018              Brown Deer

June 10, 2018              Whitnall

July 7, 2018                 Oakwood

August 5, 2018            Currie

September 1, 2018      Greenfield                              

Please sign up using the club’s website: http://www.dretzkaparkmensclub.com or to emails from the Captain looking for players.

Dretzka Park Men's Club Weekday League (Pete Topolovich)

We plan to continue the Thursday Night League next year.  Hopefully we can get more participation from the club.  We are planning on adding a season long competition for the league and award a prize to the winner based on a point system. This will be in addition to the per event prizes.  Stay tuned for the details.

Again, thanks to all who participated this season. 

MCPLA Report (Dan Meyers):

A proposal is under discussion that would combine the First and Second Team events, cutting the number of days played for Team events in half.  A change in the number of players would be required.  Also being considered is making both matches strictly Match Play, eliminating the stroke play part of Second Team.  Discussions are in the early stages and would likely NOT take effect for the 2018 season

Late Breaking NEWS- At the final MCPLA meeting of the year, held on October 3rd, the main topic was the revision to the Team events.  The consensus was to adopt the following changes for the 2018 season.

1. Reduce the number of matches to 5, using the dates currently scheduled for the Second Team events.

2. Number of players for each team to be 16.


3. Eliminate the stroke play format currently used by Second Team.



4. As Club Professionals to consider more areas for Lateral Hazard designation to reduce the need for provisionals.  (for example the left side of Dretzka’s 5th hole).


While it is still not 100% certain these changes will be implemented, since Milwaukee County needs to be brought into the discussion, it is very likely that this is how team events will be handled for next year.  We will let you know as soon as possible when this is finalized.

The Arnold Walker County Championship will be at Dretzka next year and will rotate between Dretzka, Brown Deer and Oakwood going forward.

First team still looking for a Director. 

Dates for MCPLA Events in 2018

MCPLA Senior/Mid-AM           May 19/20       Greenfield

MCPLA Arnold Walker             August 25/26  Dretzka

Dretzka Cup (Kirby Schuller)

The long season has come to a close; the Dretzka Cup winner for the 2017 season is David Wentlandt.  David had a phenomenal year finishing in first place in 5 of our various club events and in second in one other.  Those results, in addition to his participation in all but two of the First and Second team events allowed him to capture the cup with a record number of points.   Congratulations David!

Final Dretzka Cup standings are:

1. David Wentlandt – 70 points

2. Pete Topolovich – 60 points

3. Adam Hadrian – 58 points